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then, we look for our Taobao guest posts to the forum, the forum must follow such three characteristics: one is to support Taobao off the jump code; two is post forum will not be deleted; three is the forum weight must be high. It can be said that these three characteristics are indispensable. How to find such a forum? If you can find a lot of careful, the best way is to search sh419 posts such as others, we will search for the best acne products "as long as we search out the results up to the home page or row of the first two pages of the forum, because the ranking of these forum of high weight, very easy to let the post ranking home page or the front position. Here a few Forum: like Hangzhou forum, 55 discount forum, Hefei forum, Fuzhou forum, the Forum on the local forum mostly because local forum management is relatively loose, the weights are relatively high.

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first to find out what is the long tail keywords? Such as the title of a web site keyword is "what product acne effect is good." "what good acne products" and "best acne products", similar to the title belongs to the long tail keywords, so we must learn to dig the long tail keywords, because the practice has proved that the reasonable long tail keywords can greatly improve the conversion rate of products, each IP is very directional, visitors are rushing to buy products that search. Therefore, the long tail keywords mining, for beginners also need to go to learn. No more details here.

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about posting ranking skills, Qingdao SEO in a previous article mentioned: "novice do not understand the station, free to do Taobao guest money making strategy, we can see.". The post is a skill, the best way is to write us a short essay or soft, the best is original, can not find the original articles written by others, then give it to the recognition, the purpose is to let the search engines do not see this is you copy others, think that this is you write. This article should be reasonable and reasonable, you have to do the long tail keywords, 200 words of the article, you can appear 10 times, the key word, also don’t too much. The write >

Taobao is said to have guest army of three to four million people, so many people are doing the same thing all make money? I believe the real money, I have not even 1/3, this is just a guess to do Qingdao SEO, Taobao customer team although large, but the majority engaged in Taobao the guests are all new, for the new station do not understand knowledge, do not understand network promotion, do not know what is SEO, so I want to make money is certainly not so easy, of course, it is difficult to newcomers also don’t think, as long as we find out a method, and applies this method into full play, to firmly execute, in fact we are to make money fast, even if we can do without the website website has more money than. Therefore, this article will focus on leading new people to learn how to use the long tail keywords, with the forum to do Taobao customers quickly make money. Veteran can across.

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