Bike sharing in the winter staking running without stop

has been to winter, sharing Redubujian cycling competition.


Beijing into the winter, the v-mobile cycling city evolution conference, a reporter asked the v-mobile bicycle founder Hu Weiwei, "the North immediately to the winter, with the decrease of temperature, the use of v-mobile bicycle may be less and less, you have thought about how to solve this problem?"


Hu Weiwei mentioned when he was a child, "at that time, we will ride a bike to school in winter, wear gloves on it. I did not seem to feel the temperature is a factor especially invincible. Of course, riding a bike in winter will be more uncomfortable, we have to take into account, but also specially prepared gloves."

temperature is an important threat: shared bicycle electronic lock can withstand low temperature test? Ofo founder Dai Wei in the first conference of the campus, talked about such a mind, an important reason for ofo has been insisting with the mechanical lock, the lock can ensure that the user can not on what kind of conditions in the open.

in Davy, winter test for ofo mechanical lock is a piece of cake.

Mobell bicycle has been using the electronic lock, official bike test all the normal 50 degrees below zero area in Mohe County.

Whether it is

or ofo Mobell bikes are taken into account the challenges brought by the winter, in the outside world predicted that after the winter, after cycling industry will experience sharing enthusiasm out of time to usher in a major reshuffle, the. These two giants with racing speed, into a city, started a race each other staking war.

Mobell with 13 cities

ofo10 days into the 11 city

with the Spring Festival climax, sharing with the bicycle Guangzhou Shenzhen decoy home pace, gradually to the 234 line of the city.

January 21, 2017, v-mobile bicycle announced in Zhuhai, this is the second in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Ningbo, Xiamen, Foshan, Wuhan, Kunming, Nanjing, Dongguan, the thirteenth city bike into the v-mobile.


yellow car ofo is almost in a "day city" into the multi speed intensive city. Data from the ofo show that ofo shared bicycle has now covered 33 major cities nationwide. According to Wei Wei planning, is expected before the Spring Festival, ofo will complete the comprehensive coverage of key cities in china. After the Spring Festival, it will expand the number of cities covering more than 100 cities.

in January 17th when ofo published a poster in its media group into Nanchang, a reporter then asked, when can I enter my hometown of Xi’an, ofo public relations staff immediately said, "Xi’an is in"

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