How to stabilize the keyword ranking of the website

a new station rankings do, it is likely to face floating, such as we in front of the example mentioned inside "bucket elevator" case. Although the station is now ranked back to the first place, does not mean that the future will always be stable in the first. How to stabilize the keywords ranking? I think there are three points need to pay attention to:

(1) audience

we’re talking about the more audiences on the website, so the website can retain users, and what Baidu really cares about is whether it has an audience and generates value. What is the audience? The audience is the user who clicks on the page, regardless of whether the user is buying the product, or referring to the material, or looking at the details of your site. The number of users who buy products on the Internet is very small, and a product station can reach 3% conversion rate is already very good. That is to say, most of the users are checking data or clicking on the peer, so what we need to do is to help the users of the data search to find what they want. How to do? Is to provide information on our website inside the query, such as a wedding photography site, our website provides not only how to buy our service should also include more high-quality images, even we should do provide a forum to discuss the demand. Then, more users will share their beautiful photos in our forums after wedding photos or art photos, and these high-quality content will also attract a large number of users. Another way to increase the audience is the promotion, such as the promotion of soft Wen we talk. With soft or contribute to the way, a large number of intermediate flow, that is, SEO this part of the flow into the site to study the structure of our website, this is also a real click. These are ways to increase the audience, but also through micro-blog, WeChat way to promote. Promotion users also need to have a container to retain users, such as a forum, a QQ group, allows users to visit our website again.

(2) experience

has increased the number of users on our website and will need to improve the experience of the site later. If the bucket elevator site experience is not good, click a download link often return to the dead link, or the picture is blurred, can not see clearly, then you will lose a batch of users. If the same wedding photography website opened a forum, but no moderator in business or open very slowly, and even the layout is very bad, so there will be a large part of the user to see a will not look at another second times. Because it is very simple when using the site it is very uncomfortable, why not go to the other more good website? Unless your website can provide all other sites do not function, then the user in no way will stay at your site, and this function is a rigid demand. For example, there are some platform information experience is very bad, but the weight is very high, even if the information is very uncomfortable, you may also want to do a long tail keywords ranking, have to publish information on this platform. But once the weight is bigger than he is

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