Why not give up the home design portal also mess hip

          original title: the Internet is turning from space time pattern mode, why Sohu portal also does not give up home design mess hip



In early

, wired magazine noted that the Internet is shifting from a space based model to a time-based model, and the Twitter message stream and the Facebook time line represent this trend. "The future of the Internet time stream will continue rolling like a diary, record your world every piece of information, when you touch her, she stops, you can continue to browse, search, interactive inside and friends."

in China, China’s portal sites do not use similar time flow home page design, especially Sohu, has not yet revised. Wei Zhe said that in the Alibaba, want to change the Taobao home page, change the clean flow decreased significantly, change the flow immediately back hip mess! Don’t Chinese all love home design mess hip


the following content comes from knowing, the original author is Xu Xianzhe

The role of

1. portal itself is the integration of information flows, HUB, the natural information is the more the better, if the portal does not have many and complete information portal, it is not called the door. Because the portal takes on the role of the news media, it is destined to show all kinds of news to visitors.

2. in the western countries, since the Google mountain, the portal has lost value. YAHOO and MSN’s revision is because of the Internet information flow structure changes, changes in the Internet portal, so they transition, and is no longer the traditional sense of the "portal".

Silicon Valley’s exploration and achievements, rapid trends, development and elimination, the English speaking countries will be affected for the first time.

3., the United States has no traditional portal, but the news media website still has, you go on the media site such as http://s.nytimes.com/, the information is still dense, there is no time line. In China, Japan and Korea, the portal still plays a very important role, and it still bears the function of the news media website. China’s Sohu, NetEase, Sina, South Korea’s naver, Daum, Japan’s goo, livedoor, nifty, and so on, are pivotal roles.

As for the Japanese

4. why so wonderful in the aspect of Web interaction design, the reason is Japan’s IT industry is out of the Galapagos. The reason behind it is very complex, not to mention, the system bureaucracy, the cognitive habits of the site, and do not pay attention to the design (many projects do not even have designers, programmers directly as the front desk) and so on. For a long time, even now many Japanese think electricity

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