Understand the application of user data in new product design from the data (1)


is often the case, we can understand the needs of users through user interviews, in fact, designers can also through the analysis of survey data and user data such as web pages, understanding of user needs and user experience in the use of product problems.

and direct through contact with the users to understand the demand may be just the case, in order to enhance the objectivity, usually through a large sample survey data from an empirical point of view, further more accurately and objectively find common needs of users.

in addition, through the comparison and comprehensive analysis of the qualitative analysis conclusions obtained from data analysis and user interviews, designers can also understand the real needs of users from different perspectives.

From the point of view of

with research perspective, interaction design revision design including new product design and the product of two kinds of business, it will be divided into two times respectively described in these two categories of business can be, how to use the data to understand the needs of users. This paper focuses on the application of data in new product design.

actual case


provided by Taobao official service to meet the basic needs of the management of the seller, but the seller with the demand for decoration, data analysis, marketing, management, baby invoicing and other services increasingly strong, it is necessary to give the seller provide a centralized selection of service platform, to help them find suitable for their own development service at the same time, the third party service; more and more Taobao introduced, for these services, also need to have a centralized display platform. Thus, the business service platform project came into being (now the product has been called "Taobao seller service" market).

at this stage, interaction design to solve the problem is "how will the real needs of the depth of integration" product positioning with the user, the depth of integration is not blindly satisfied, mainly because sometimes a new product positioning is not theoretical and idealized, need to consider innovation, also will be affected by various factors, for example, the underlying technology development limited time frame control, only as far as possible to meet the needs of users.

due to commercial confidentiality of information, the case of projects in 2010, Internet products in the product page iteration frequently mentioned as there are already several revision, we only need to know the way to.

1. obtained data through questionnaires

generally, the data collected in two ways, the first is the use of network questionnaires, to obtain quantitative data users psychological and behavioral habits level; second is the setting module, picture and text on the product page buried way, collect page data.

before the merchant service platform on-line, the product has not yet been born, there is no page data, the initial use of the main network questionnaire survey way to obtain user demand data.


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