My stationmaster’s Road hard but never shaken

hard webmaster Road, 08 years in August, just broke into the ranks of the webmaster. It’s hard to walk, but never wavered.

The road of

stationmaster still begins from 07 years on June. When my mind was full of confusion, I suddenly had an idea of e-commerce that took me out of the confused world. I am in a pharmaceutical company, the company is a provincial-level drug agents, the main business objective is to find Municipal Drug agents. Lead a nine to five confused life. The simple idea was to put the company’s products on the Internet, eliminating the cost of sending back and forth product information. Think of it and start to realize it.

has just begun to really know nothing about the Internet, and none of its friends is in the industry. Search a lot of knowledge about the network on the Internet, but for the network blank people, the search on the network of these knowledge is not organized, it is difficult to really use. The next step is to go to the Xinhua Bookstore, buy simple (HTML version) commercial website construction example, elaborate. Naive to think that the book can be completed after the establishment of the site. Look at the code seemed to see the sun, because there is no basis point before, there is no professional friends plus, it is quite difficult, knowledge itself is very simple and very easy to understand, but the term has never encountered before the mind fameng, fortunately in the information era of knowledge explosion. Every noun can be found by Baidu or Google search. Of course, that doesn’t mean finding the answers you want and understanding it is easy. Because of this gap, you see the explanation of the noun. You still don’t know what it means. There is nothing wrong with the fact that everything is difficult at the beginning. Of course, cannot read or see, watching, learning by doing. Progress is still fast. Buy space, domain name. With the company operating varieties of Web site on the practice out, strictly speaking, just a company product catalog form, web page. To do a good job "to my classmates friends, in a show of psychological results hit," so simple "I will do hundreds of years ago" heart full of disappointment, "in fact do nothing. The ideal to immediately upgrade, want to do a more decent website. So I went into the next stage of study. There are many books about website construction in the bookstore. It’s very difficult to pick a few good books. Almost all books are from entry to master. Simple, I always think that after learning this book, you can master the construction of the site. "Dreamweaver8 from entry to the master", this is learning website construction to buy second books, in fact, this is just a book on how to use dreamweaver8. To finish, this website is still confused how to build up the beautiful page? How to achieve it! Head a blank, according to the book Liezi, step by step to do the seemingly simple page to be so complicated a picture together? With this question, it suddenly that need drawing. Slowly know the so-called "network three sword"

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