A forced product manager’s self enrichment Road, user approval is only a phased success

today’s Internet startups, has a more fashionable and self deprecating words, is the product manager, used to refer to themselves as a product manager, there are two kinds, one is looking for a job, if not before the technology of Montana, but involved in product development, but also the small Internet Co have a leading role, the role of the conversion is the product manager. The other is done very cattle, there is a market more mature products, and the user base is relatively large, such groups generally founder as the representative, claiming to be essentially a product manager, Zhou Hongyi is more outstanding, because of him on many occasions to own such a location. Because 360 of the success, whether did Fu Sheng these people work, but as a decision maker, the founders will position themselves product manager, also shows that the point is a product of the ultimate pursuit, understand every detail of the product, do the product from the user’s point of view, to think about the mind change the products of the audience the group from the user’s point of view. In addition to unfamiliar street founder Tang Yan is a super product manager, he for the details of the products also reached a very demanding, unfamiliar street bright enough to explain the recent financial data, on social networking platform is how to achieve the ultimate user needs a little bit.


The first part of the

, the first relatively simple talkto, as a product manager needs the necessary

1, insight into user needs

user requirements here are neither their own needs, nor are they just asking the needs of several people, but the user needs of the product oriented. Many times we will because of their own ideas, to demand limited in their own cognition, a demand they do they think this is the user’s needs, this idea do no good. Insight needs can be divided into two areas, insight into self and insight into others.

When a

insight of the self, we must learn to think of themselves as ordinary users, even white users, this is actually in Zhou Hongyi’s new book has said, it’s not appropriate, but really, most from the user’s point of view, the same as white to use the product, to think the same as white. Then get the user’s demand.

of course, the light itself to experience is not enough, "there is no investigation, there is no right to speak", so we need to go to the masses to insight into others.

asks friends what they think, and asks for vouchers, surveys, and so on. There is a need to pay attention to the place here: not so user demand is demand and the true nature of the demand, we need according to the user’s needs, the connotation of its essence, combined with human study, to extract the real value of the demand.

does not understand the user’s needs, any product is blind, do not let me think, I feel such words appear in your product design process, and only respect the wishes of most users, it is >

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