A simple way to make money on your website

Hello, I’m glad to write this article on Admin5, and hope that the article will give the new and old webmaster support after dinner. I rely on the advertising League, there are already a lot of Adsense using this model in making money. Read some webmaster may have already very understanding, and some webmaster still don’t know. Today I will share the experience to the new and old webmaster.

actually speaking of me is very ashamed, I also do not know whether my setback is called experience. In early 2010, I gave up my job and chose to run my own website. Business is to make more money yourself. I’m a web programmer, and I’m very familiar with it. I’ve always been working for others, and I’ve got little success, so I want to try it myself. Filed the domain name and bought the space. At first the hot Taobao was added. But to say yes, I only made 20 yuan in 2 months. Very disappointed. Want to change your mind. But a lot of people tell me you can’t even do it. What else did I do? I didn’t listen to them at all. Because I knew I was hot at the time. Think about it, I can’t be a Taobao customer at all. So I planned the emotional website now operating. It’s about 20 days now. The only effect is that my uploaded articles are included in 30 minutes. Now, the problem is that Baidu deleted my content faster than I wrote it. I also applied for the advertising League of Baidu and GG, as well as other famous advertising associations, but all of them were not approved by me. Actually I also know, just want to try balloon. One, my collection is not much. Although every day snapshots, but I can feel the site will be right. World rankings are not good either. But I know what I’m going to do next.

first of all, in the absence of titles in the case of advertising placed in the seductive position. Unit price is adjusted with content. Content with shielding off the bottom price of advertising and writing. I don’t know if I’m right, but I know it’s the right thing to do. If you want to make money quickly. CPC, CPM can do it, but the site is on a scale. Don’t pop it. The website goes with the browser. Browsers have more content as websites.

I’m going to give you an estimate today, and a lot of people know about it.

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