Talk about mobile nternet from the nternet is the next 30 years the most profound business ideas

Ma try Internet car

and almost everyone’s perception of the contrary, we are now just standing in the new era of mobile Internet portal.

The birth of

PC was born from 1975 to 2007 this year is 30 iPhone, PC Internet based on commercial society; from 2007 to 2016 this 10 years of commercial society transition from PC to mobile Internet Internet for 10 years, 10 years is the rise of cloud computing and big data for 10 years; in July 2016, Ali and SAIC jointly launched the Internet car as a symbol, the next 30 years is the real mobile Internet era, the main infrastructure of the business community will also transition to intelligent terminals and mobile Internet, intelligent terminal from the intelligent mobile phone and Internet auto transition to more categories.

in the real mobile Internet era, everything is new, everything will start again. Business social logic will be redesigned, mobile Internet will be the next 30 years the most profound business ideas.

PC applications to mobile phones, this is not the mobile Internet experience

with the rise of iPhone, in the past ten years, a particularly fashionable business strategy called mobile internet. Say simply, is to put the PC on the mobile phone to all intelligent as like as two peas especially in Friday, many Internet giants are scrambling to "mobile Internet", has spawned a lot of complex technology.

but the application software on the PC into a smartphone on the APP is not really mobile internet. The most typical is the PC mailbox and mobile phone mailbox is reflected behind the experience as like as two peas, mobile phone application logic and PC software logic is logic user behavior as like as two peas, but also more convenient mobile terminal as like as two peas, just.

but what is the logic of PC software typical PC software logic is a large amount of data, serial processing, island and central management. First of all, said the large amount of data, because PC is based on the wired Internet, the corresponding PC software is also designed to handle large data files default. Secondly, the serial processing, the most typical e-mail and Office documents are single single processing, not many people access, edit and process, the corresponding PC software is also the idea. Once again, the island, in the era of PC need to connect to the Internet cable, in most cases, each PC is working independently. Fourth is the central management, it is clear that the central processor based on the PC CPU, the central processor to the idea of the whole business community logic.

and the logic of the mobile Internet is just the opposite of the logic of PC. In the mobile Internet is running small data and a small amount of data file, whether it is intelligent mobile phone storage space, or mobile Internet tariff and interconnection ability, can bear a large amount of data of the "luxury" movement. The mobile Internet gives people a way to deal with data and information in a parallel, concurrent, and shared manner, in which WeChat

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