The more you share in the nternet, the happier you will share

can use tools, is the fundamental difference between human and animals. This is a sentence that has long been engraved in our minds. This can not be said that it is absolutely correct, nor can it be said that it is wrong, just an understanding of a scientist in ancient times.

later read in another book (non textbook) that the fundamental difference between humans and animals is whether they share resources. Human beings know how to maximize their interests by sharing and exchanging resources, but animals will only meet their desires by competing for resources.


the needs of each person and each animal are varied. Early human beings met this need through the power of one’s own. For example, in the hunting phase, a person may simultaneously make bows and arrows, trap, kill prey, kill prey, roast prey, etc., and the whole process is done by himself. But later, he found that the division of labor, his bow out prey exchange with others, more than one prey, so do full-time bows for prey, finally may evolve into an arms.

in the division of labor under the background of a person can only deep in a field, in this field, make things in addition to meet their own needs, more is to meet the needs of others, to meet the others at the same time, for the things they need to meet their own needs. The thing that oneself make out is surplus more, the thing that can change comes more, more the demand of more high level can satisfy, this person’s life can be happier.

this proves that some of the masters often say a truth: the more you give, the more you get, the happier you will be. In fact, this is a mechanism for the exchange of interests in operation.

through the division of labor, the productive efficiency of the whole society has been greatly improved, and the utilization of resources has been maximized by means of exchange. At last, the wealth of the whole society has increased, and the standard of living has improved. The animal is basically no division of labor and cooperation, only limited resources in order to fight a fight at outrance, no civilization, no progress.

passing of night into the Internet era, you and me today. The Internet for the times to open the floodgates wide to the limit of time and space, become not so terrible, people are more likely to know or not, this is a very great progress.

The exchange of resources mentioned earlier in

, the first prerequisite is to be able to contact each other, and the second premise is to reach a consensus. The two premises, the line can only be achieved through the market, market towns and other commercial venues, and to the line, the passage between people was suddenly opened up, there is a broad space to play.

so, the Internet is really a good opportunity for you and me. You can use this platform to do a variety of exchanges more frequently, to meet a wide variety of needs, and to live in a variety of ways

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