Summary of the current network reading channel promotion experience

a powerful team is a full stop, where it is used, is the end of victory. This is my own summary and comparison of advocating a word, now network reading channel practice day is not short, from the beginning to what also do not understand, to slowly understand the construction of a large-scale promotion website work flow, in fact to understand a lot of things are not like the so simple implementation of the time, will find themselves that forget to consider, then forget to pay attention to the.

from the first week of the beginning, I feel like a lonely passers-by, other colleagues have their own things to do, I feel nothing, on the "look at the news, now read the inside story, nothing to write two articles express their feelings, feel misfits look. At the beginning of the talk with Cheng, I said I was planning and promoting the content of the website, but I don’t know where to start. Second days, third days slowly when I browse the entire network gradually now, I found the website structure, content and so on are all new, even many sites layout has not built completely, I silently surprises, I love new website, because I like to cultivate a child of their own as from the beginning, it poured my heart.

I first began to understand the content of the website, I came into contact with Wu Hongya’s boss, he told me the details of the work plan under the reading channel and also the way the original channel, and encouraged I must help him improve the reading channel, I was very moved, did not hesitate to promise him. But the promise does not work, or to make something, although our mission is to promote reading channel, browse and visitors come up, but in the face of not much updated content and working staff shortage, our situation is to survive in the cracks, see the sun tomorrow but fled not today’s shackles.

understand about the situation, I started or down my old routines, the search engine SEO and strategies for outreach my first step, and then the first article "my XXXXX during the network now reading channel internship summary", this article is my own in 5 days on the site of a comprehensive understanding of writing, it is original, so in A5, graph king is to face the strong recommendation, so in a few days, was reprinted major sites, to the reading channel established outside the chain of powerful. The next step is to search engine SEO strategy, think of it quite funny, I started the habit of input "now net" in Baidu, it is Speechless result is the question of "now online woman is not too that?" "now many online scammers ah" etc. fourth, I am looking for now, I don’t know what is the search engine’s fault, or our own website mistakes. However, I found another mistake in the search, that is, the site does not grab Wikipedia keyword, you know, Baidu encyclopedia weight that is quite high

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