The unfortunate experience of using ixwebhosting space in the United States

, if you want to be an English language station or a Chinese speaking station, don’t go cheap and rent ixwebhosting’s American space. This American space doesn’t work. This is the conclusion I learned today. Now still in the depressed, and now we talk about, after, as a warning.

because of the recent domestic Internet environment is not good, we all say, do English stand do Google Adsense, the unit price is relatively high. So, three months ago, I began to do an English station. Then I started looking for American space. I found some information on the Internet and compared it. At that time, the famous GoDaddy has not yet opened Alipay payment, just ixwebhosting of the United States opened a Alipay payment function, a look at the price is relatively cheap. Advertising is good, too bad, ", advertising done well, there is no ixwebhosting space, ". " unlimited website, unlimited traffic, 3 IP, 2 " three free domain name; the host type, a maximum of 15 independent IP gave. Domain name or free?. That’s really tempting. But in practice, it’s not the case at all.

the ixwebhosting space used by the author’s English station, after personal use, may be because their servers are in Ohio, the United States, and often can not be opened or very slow at home, especially in the afternoon and evening. Good morning. Two months ago, once again, the entire database was lost, the author borrowed Google online translation and ixwebhosting live chat customer service staff response, but also let me submit ticket in their background, the results of exactly 24 hours to solve. Live chat is OK, can talk with you in time, that is, apart from saying I, am, sorry and other polite words, basically no matter what use. Technical problems and finally let you submit ticket ticket, the recovery time is 1-24 hours to reply soon, no way, basically a few hours is not to reply. I really don’t know how many departments they have, and the efficiency is far less than that of IDC at home. Now a lot of people xenophilia said the United States is better than China round, the service of the United States than Chinese good. I don’t think so. It’s just a handful of big American companies. I saw the American Evaluation on the American IDC evaluation network, ixwebhosting said, "that is a joke". Ixwebhosting can’t get along in america. He ran to China to expand the market.

maybe someone would say, "you’re not fair to say that ixwebhosting.". Well, let me tell you something about my experience. I opened my English station this morning and found the web site opened, blank, and checked in the background. The database was emptied two days ago. A ticket is received as follows:

, Hello, x,


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