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hits the web and starts with the heart – Admin5 hits the web cup, the web space dream, and asks for

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began using the click of the Internet company services, is the company’s "virtual host 30 days unconditional refund guarantee" commitment to move. This commitment for the domestic IDC industry once again set new standards of service industry, basically is the personal webmaster to eat a reassurance, can be at ease with the company’s services, equivalent to "try before you buy, use cool to pay".

click on the Internet to create the country’s only "independent domain name users" free service system, becoming the first provider of free network resources for domain names provider. I hope the company can persevere to promote the personal webmaster have significant good service measures, people with convenient, convenient traffic, the company will blossom of sesame.

I was very pleased with

to click on the network service, so most of my friends recommended to use, but they put forward such a problem: on the company’s website news bulletin as long time no change had a bad situation.

now open the page, "news bulletin" column or stay in the "emergency notice on" 19 days to 21 days to suspend all kinds of network entertainment, no company dynamic update, it gives people a strange feeling.

finally, the friend still became the client that clicks a network, and the stability of the server is very satisfied.


mentioned above is only a small blemish. We do personal website, pay attention to "table" and "in", so that visitors satisfaction, may be as a supplier of IDC, should also achieve the same requirements, right?


review, do the station in the past few years, most of the time in the use of virtual space, the hands of several sites IP and PV are in the thousands to tens of thousands, and buy or rent a server alone is uneconomical.

mentioning IDC service providers, experts and laymen will first think of Internet cafes,

my first domain name and virtual host is from 10 thousand nets, unfortunately, the site opened four months, has been all put together, the domain name can not be accessed, time is in the winter of 2002, when the snow is always in the middle of the night, guarding the computer again, PING own IP, on your own domain name by living in a browser, make people irritable dead.

was in the complaint system in the network every two hours of complaints again, are the "processing", no meaning, only call in the past, was told to "send your name spam, domain name has been included in the blacklist, the prohibition of the use of".

a phone wasted a lot of RMB, but the result of negotiations is only zero, so I lost my name somehow

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