2 years of building 1000 yuan income webmaster mood inspirational story

in two days is the annual Mid Autumn Festival, facing the road ahead, I always feel very confused. Today to " " pen; and common development space for arch site. Do stand two years of feeling is not making money hand, not a webmaster friends, but also eat a lot of suffering, do their own station to do the fun, I can understand, everyone must have experience of their experience, I’ll give you talk about these feelings! Can be used or not, refuse or just when is


some people say, write, the more you will write better, do not know is not true, if the truth can be used on the website, the station is not doing more, you can do better? Webmaster occupation is a hard industry, one reason why the author feel the door is wiped low, less investment, quick return. If you are a network promotion master, the return will be greater than the input (SEO is more prominent).

in the classmate’s acquaintance, predestined to get to know the network, and the network of obsession is out of hand. From the design to the on-line lottery station has not (because of interest lottery, was built to the west station) home information port (no local information resources lack) also failed to free and waist fold in xing. Until this on the Internet a banknotes have not seen until today, in the Qihoo advertising there are tens of dollars in advertising. Because of the space with friends, have no money, investment also spent several domain names of money, so we still insist on doing, then do a good dish game, this game is a good momentum of development, watching the growth of traffic every day, the heart that a beautiful and high strength up, which also received a fee! Of course not too much, but it is for us to make the first sum of money, 400 yuan in the first half of the Dezhou poker game, believe a webmaster is also part of the advertising done! Also has done some PW links, but these for a long time is not long, the site was Baidu K, traffic plummeted. Insist on a year to date, not a general or no echo, like the reincluding. Also maintained.

this year, that is at the beginning of 08, is a big trend is not a webmaster, do not know, with beautiful pictures, and today only a thousand dollars of income, not too much, but in my heart there is a certain weight. Feel beautiful pictures, stations and pornography some edge, there are also server problems, have to think about going back to the game, in the face of small games, a lot of, I will go from here. The spirit of a heart, heart do stand, hard to learn, we exchange the stationmaster net is the sky, the previous successful experience, whether you are 70, 80, 90 or less, we have to learn to communicate, get more knowledge. The new station also is nearing completion by drawing a webmaster brother home, I give you bask in the new is also to my encouragement! Lianliankan www.uucc5.com among multiple choice because of his name, also do not have what good domain name >

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