Medical industry website construction, everything revolves around conversion rate

now, the national private hospitals such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as quickly expanding, network marketing has become an important means of promotion of private hospitals, the most direct is the website promotion, many owners have begun in order to save costs, have begun to focus on the site optimization, SEO can save a lot of money for the promotion process, so the optimization of personnel not a small pressure. Private hospital marketing activities is very fierce competition, website optimization promotion is even more so, it is around the base of the website optimization promotion brand promotion and conversion of all, do not pay attention to the brand of private hospitals is not long to go in the medical industry.

private medical contact is not too long, to optimize the network promotion a little touch on the optimization can online promotion of private hospital network marketing is not a casual or beautiful or retro website, when the user first glimpse of our site, it has been involved in the transformation of our daily thought. A, bidding (ranking) two, the transformation of Art (the quality of user experience of the website interface beautiful article three (transformation) and consulting consulting consulting skills, transformation of professional knowledge, consulting, attitude) these transformation like the food chain, which lack or mistakes, we will come to naught. Younger brother in this small talk about web site transformation, I hope to start the same as I help novice, but also hope that the master predecessors to correct me.

first, market analysis,

market analysis is a must, we have to analyze our user’s age and gender, occupation and consumption levels, so that we can make the website according to the color, structure and layout analysis, site layout will give the user the appropriate tone of intimacy, increase user viscosity and trust on the website.

second, the art of making

market analysis results, we began to plan according to the website, making the site according to the market to do, according to the Department to set whether the site is too simple or ornate, the pursuit of gorgeous, will let the patient feel can not afford the heart that this depends on the circumstances, to go through the website forum planners seriously discussed if the expert, where, where, where treatment cases are directly affect the conversion rate, so must be carefully followed by the website website details, focusing on the details, including pictures and words must be fine, we must pay attention to details. Finally, the structure of the site, the site structure should be adjusted according to the requirements of the optimization staff.

third, site details are important,

1, optimize the station must be adjusted under the article page, the page must be concise, and generous, add tags promotion articles related articles, this is no lack of will, after all, most of the patients have the consultation in the article page, so we should pay special attention to the article page,

2, the bottom of the site, as far as possible the address of the hospital phone, or simple advertising words


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