Grassroots blog operations and profit model.

now many people have personal independence blog as a kind of interest to do, and is not very much profitable blogs, basically feel when Evans Quanyong, record life bit by bit in your own blog, this way of operation, often also can bring you unexpected gains, many independent blog content on the majority of their love for the things of interpretation, play, and thus get a lot of fans, it is these loyal fans will give you the independent blog bring huge profits, so what is the independent blog? Generally speaking is to use blog construction out of the site, only the function of the website is the blog! It has independent domain name, space, and basically build a website

there is not a fraction of difference!

1: a survey of independent blogs

blog construction is simple, so it retains the quantity of independent blog is sharply increased, and most of the independent blog is "gorgeous", sink in the bottom of the natural fish can not see, fall on the wild goose is trail, this is at present most of the independent blog, but some personal independence the blog also has many huge fan base, such as some of the relevant professional celebrity blog, some public figures of the independent blog can have a large group of fans, so they are independent blog can gain good profits


but these blog profit mainly based on its popularity, and not because of these people’s independent blog operation is very successful, in fact, operation method and operation method of the personal blog website is not much, in addition to the necessary optimization, construction also need content, the construction of the chain and so on the specific method is not detailed!


two: personal independence blog profit model of

personal independence blog profit situation is not optimistic, most of them are in the exploration stage, the reasons for this situation is the most important to many bloggers just as their own personal independence blog home third of an acre, and not a very good publicity, plus the interest of this thing is very easy by heat turn cold, slowly on the blog the construction of the cold, so it is difficult to make a profit, but if the blog operation is good, it still has a good profit model, but also can help you make a profit! > is the first profit pattern is naturally advertising, usually independent blog users are your loyal fans, then you put ads, as long as the user help, users are able to buy it, of course, this pattern of income is not stable for


second profit model is paid soft, such as your independent blog reprint rate is very high, then you can contact some customers to do some soft, to help customers in marketing, you naturally can get good profits, at present the market can be just unfolding soft, there are tens of billions of dollars in the market in Europe and America I believe that the domestic industry in developed countries, soft hair.

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