All about talent network series Totoro (1) prospects and development of talent network

entered in 2012, more and more webmaster began to join the talent website to make money ranks. Sold so many years of talent program, many webmaster plus I asked, talent network has prospects for development, but also earn money?. I think, not only those who want to join the ranks of talent to make money in the ranks of such a doubt, it is estimated that many operators are also the webmaster has the same question.

for such a question, I will be very sure to answer, of course, promising, and is very promising, as long as you work hard to operate it, you can definitely earn money. Hear the answer, estimates that many webmaster would laugh at me, I think this is to more than two sets of sales program and trick everyone, because there are three big recruitment website attacks, there are many local talent network attack, where there are prospects, you can also earn money. Actually, I’m telling the truth, not to make money.

just entered in 2012, in the major websites and newspapers to see such news: traditional online recruitment how to "break the ice" strain?. It said was a smash hit network recruitment disappears. Also said that iResearch data show that the three major recruitment websites occupy more than 70% of the share. I just want to say that you are trying to do and is doing the webmaster, please don’t be this article to cheat and change career. Because see this article, I first felt sure who wrote the soft money, or this author is certainly too advanced, with his own habits did not investigate and take it for granted to write articles. Because of so much talent network, where disappeared, iResearch obviously also give money, estimated wrote qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, ChinaHR three website when he investigated, and then the other site on behalf of all the sites, so down the investigation, the three to occupy the site of course a large share of the. In fact, in the real life, these three websites estimate to occupy the market share of 20% at least, or even less. So you can be completely assured the talent network, do not ignore those who reported daily rotten reference data, don’t be afraid of the three major recruitment site took our jobs, because these three sites do have some influence in the city, but the majority of job seekers find work toward local talent net. The three recruitment sites have put recruitment experience to achieve the range, has been a severe blow to the job seekers and business confidence.

above, we talked about the three major sites, in the end we do talent network there is no threat, we will talk about the local talent network will affect us to do talent web site?.

use Baidu Search Moumou talent network, you will find a place where there will be a lot of talent network, many owners see so much talent network immediately discouraged, he has so much talent network, how can I win, what time can earn money. If you have such an idea, that you do not understand the talent network industry, I do not know how it is to earn business money, in fact, not just talent network people think so, I think most of them

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