Fast alternative methods included by Baidu

do not read the title, so, in fact, there is no technical content, mainly from publicity..

chat and occasionally a webmaster, webmaster asked me how to be Baidu fast included, I also need to say in the fast half a month, but the man said to me, 5 days can be collected, I think so fast is not impossible. But how can I do it as soon as possible?.. Personally, the following method is feasible.

1. use blog program to do web site, because the relationship between procedures, Baidu spider blog weight and ordinary CMS weight is much higher. Published a large number of original articles, it is easy to be included, included in the following in transition.

consequences: included after a period of time may be down right, or even K.

2. with the CMS template of the station, can blind to seven or eight to change the template, let the spider come after not easily climb, but feel it, uphill, downhill and ah, such a state, blind template change on the line, because we really are not using templates, but in the spider.

consequences: improper template changes, may be included more difficult, the template is simple and reasonable.

reference site (in fact, advertising, huh, huh):www.ertonggequ.com.cn

3. is too lazy to change the original template? No? Pseudo original also feel boring? I am this kind of people are usually under the template with the content, ha ha, because I think the reasonable template on the line, appearance is not very important. Content is king. The site above can prove it. How can I do that? You can, first add the content, the content here is not original, nor is it copy others, that is, blind typing, random words, meaningless words.

is as follows:

lower prices for the decomposition of the implementation of the room, the garbage out of the room, drawing machine against garbage, garbage brought

the above words I press the keyboard out of the word, I believe you like this is the one and only the Internet, spiders will feel fresh should play? Almost to a will be included, 100 percent of the time, before this propaganda Baidu not included only for yourself, not for publicity.

consequences: Baidu is not included before, is an idiot standing, without any significance, publicity did not repeat, not propaganda, not a IP. Ha ha,

felt soft after he wrote it himself. Don’t swear after reading.

welcome to my new station, just bought the domain name, please spider update: www.185838.cn

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