Website operation optimizes what to do and how to do [two]

said in a previous article, website optimization work of the first, is the current site research to understand the operating conditions, analysis and operation problems, obviously, found the problem is the beginning of website optimization, then found the problem how to find the channel, and the problems which have


1 sorting and refining issues from user feedback, suggestions, opinions, advice, complaints,

to the "user centric" is the foundation of any website, user dissatisfaction is the site of first priority operation optimization to solve the user dissatisfaction, usually with feedback, comments, criticism, complaints and other form of reaction, of course, will also have a silent majority vote with their feet, the when the initiative to interview the customer is very necessary, interview customers take the initiative to look at the customers, whether there is dissatisfaction with the website, what is the reason, what customers want, a customer may be the epitome of one million customers, solve the problem to a customer may retain one million customers. Ladder network planning community of any member of the recommendations, as long as we can solve, are the fastest to solve. We believe that the site planning operators never underestimate any user’s advice, an ordinary user, perhaps sent out one million users voice. Of course, if the website can investigate data as much as possible, it will have a clearer understanding of the user’s opinions and the problems of the website.

2 finds problems from employee’s suggestions, opinions, ideas, ideas, reports,

staff directly involved in the daily operation work in line with the user directly dealing with all the operational planning, need to implement the frontline staff to implement the specific implementation, they most clearly and have the right to speak, the website function, business model, transaction process, column optimization, website usability, Web text error, link error, update utility and so on, they are often first discovered, they often have some management never see problems, never thought the solution, if there can be an effective mechanism to motivate employees to find look for these questions and ideas, so many mistakes may be a long time I find that the loss is sustained, through an effective mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, to put forward the question, they built to open area Ideas, ideas, and even solutions are helpful in the formation of an internal continuous optimization mechanism.

The following

ladder network Wang Yihui, a well-known large website optimization staff reward activities, an alternative scheme of incentive mechanism of staff planning (Draft), this can share part, already in the implementation is not convenient to disclose, you understand. The program is suitable for large companies with a large number of employees, and if only 35 people, a dozen small companies, because communication is easier, then the form of brainstorming is also good.

* * company "idea king" activity incentive program B

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