What is more attractive to buy, buy, buy 130 copies hide these rules

how to improve the content of the electricity supplier conversion rate? How does copywriting work better? What are the successful cases that can be used for reference?

mobile reading demand is still growing, consumption upgrade trend is becoming increasingly obvious, which is still a good time for content entrepreneurs, but also an unprecedented challenge of the times.

content electricity supplier is an important way to explore commercial discovery from the media. Last August released the "new list exclusive data interpretation content of electricity supplier Research Report" shows that in more than 5000 new standings index 800 above, head in large, every seven large, there is one in the trial content providers. In the past year, this figure has been growing rapidly.

on the other hand, Taobao business platform also began to increase the content for their own chips, such as mobile phone Taobao launched Taobao headlines, good goods, will buy a shopping list of content pages, as from the money recently, the content of the battlefield.

in full swing content, electricity supplier arena, there are many worth exploring the methodology. Starting today, will introduce a series of research and reports on the contents of the electricity supplier, which is the first.

in this article today, our research object is the United States famous website Business Insider’s Insider Picks (insider preferred) electricity supplier shopping guide column.

, we spent a few days in particular, through the column of 130 shopping guide text, one by one detailed analysis, found the following questions about some of the rules:

1. what type of copywriting is more popular?

What are some of the tips that

2. has to make copywriting more attractive?

3., how does the theme copywriter catch the bright spot and stand out?

Insider Picks

back Amazon, this new media is how to play flow realized?

Why did

choose the column of the English website as the object of study? Don’t worry, just explain it first.

Business Insider was founded in 2007, headquartered in New York, from the well-known technology blog to the United States in recent years, the most influential business news website, one of the new media BI is America’s fastest growing and most Internet genes. 2013, 2016, Amazon CEO Geoff Bezos · two in the name of a person made a $5 million investment into the super electricity supplier background for it.

is chosen to observe two direct reasons: one is "the insider preferred" column has been opened in a few years, writing and publishing copywriting has accumulated rich experience; two is the content of a large part of the electricity supplier shopping guide to the Amazon website, if the guide (conversion) effect is not good, it is. Do not appear in the column (especially not weight >

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