Several major web portals use tips for blogging

blog in the website promotion can play a big role, can be used to increase the chain, lead spider, etc., here to share a few big web portal blog use small skills.

Sina blog

Title: Sina blog each have their own name, such as the name of "women’s network", display the results of the search engine included "women’s blog". This time, we can write our own web site in the blog name, such as "women’s shoes Network" www.xie9.cn". After that the search engine included in the article will bring your web site, you will increase the chain.

Description: blog description similar to the description of the website that allows visitors to better understand your blog content, setting method, landing blog page settings – set the blog page module to create a text template to describe naming – fill in – complete description.

Links: each Sina blog can be set Links, setting method for land, blog page settings – set the blog page module creates a list of module input link title – Add URL – complete.

note: description and link settings, but also in the page settings – set the blog home page module – built in front of the hook can be displayed on the home page.

another: it seems that now Sina blog with the content of the chain, Baidu is not included, but with the blog internal links also included.

Baidu blog

Title: the effect is the same as the title of the Sina blog. The setting method is to log in to the blog space – Administration Center – Basic Options – set in space names and space profiles. Unlike Sina blogs, the name of the Sina blog seems to be limited to about 7 words, while the Baidu blog can be written for a long time.

links: landing Baidu blog space – Management Center – space dress – add and drop modules – search link module – add – Add URL – save it.

, NetEase blog,

Title: with Sina blog settings, effects and methods are the same.

links: NetEase blog link settings are more complicated, the sample process is as follows.


1. enters your blog, click "change clothes" to set the content of the home page "add custom", then the "custom HTML" window appears below the screen.

2. enters the following code in the window:

            < a; href=" http://s.xie9.cn" target="   _blank" > women’s shoes net; < /b> < >

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