Talking about the four elements of success of stationmaster class website

cheap CN domain name, cheap space, to some extent, led to the development of Chinese websites. Further intensification of the financial crisis has prompted people to join the Internet, hoping to get a slice of this "treasure land". At the same time, the webmaster class website also develops with it. In fact, want to be a successful webmaster, especially webmaster class website webmaster is not easy. Many webmaster friends worked hard for a few years, did not earn their own pot of gold, and not to waste a few years. Stationmaster kind website wants to achieve certain popularity, I feel should have at least the following a few:

one, stationmaster’s technology is the assurance of website operation.

Wang said, "now the construction of the site of the technical requirements are relatively reduced.". It can be said that compared with the Internet just entered China, the requirement really reduced a lot. But the actual operation, no technology, chipping away, technology, however hard, often become a bottleneck for the further development of the website. Unlike some team operation, even running the company website, different parts of their respective websites, but for personal webmaster, to understand the program, to promote, to beautify the design, to ensure the safety of the site, it is really not easy. An attack by hackers can even paralyze a web site. No technology, no special skills, the development of the site is difficult. Before making a website, especially do stationmaster favorite website before, must consider clearly.

two, by the webmaster needs site positioning. Adsense kind of website, of course, is to serve the webmaster, to meet the needs of the webmaster, is the development direction of the web site. When the owners of an urgent need to guarantee safety when trading, Admin5 trading intermediary ( came into being, but also relied on a graph king in the webmaster circle of fame, now webmaster Trading Forum intermediary service has been recognized by the majority of owners; when the owners need a pleasing on the exchange place, out of the community ( there, as countless webmasters to grow and learn the local statistics; use of plug-ins cumbersome, prompted the birth of khuong statistics, now I want Statistics ( is the webmaster of Fuxing; when the new owners hand for their promotion is station site at a loss, long navigation ( appears to help more quickly understand the webmaster webmaster professional website, by the novice has become a "brick house". Therefore, to do a webmaster class website, it is best to according to the station needs to unique positioning.

three, networking is a shortcut to success.

networking is so important. In real life, we have already seen the power of connections. In the Internet, in the webmaster community, no contacts, the development of the site is much more difficult. For a simple example, Wang’s reputation is well known. Maybe many people don’t know Zhang Zhengjun, but if you’re a station owner, you don’t know the king is really not". So, no matter what site Wang does, what activities will be held?

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