How to protect the breast health network female sex

breast is an important symbol of female sexual maturity, is one of the most important sex sensitive areas of women, but also the secretion of milk, feeding the children’s organs. Breasts are a symbol of motherhood for children; they are the objects of beauty and thirst for men.

so in film and television, magazines, literary works of women always have a plump breast. Breast is an important organ for women, it also plays an important role in sexual activity, but people often ignore this point. The distribution of nerve and the number of nerve endings are very abundant.

in the sexual response cycle period of excitement, erectile response to the first evidence of breast enhancement is the stress response of the nipple, which is rich in papillary muscle fiber results in involuntary contractions stimulated after.

The response of the

to the two nipple is often not synchronous, one may have achieved complete erection and swelling, and the other has a hysteresis. The retraction of the nipple may be reversed by their resting state, as if in a semi erect position, and if the internal fixation is difficult to recover, the response of the nipple is unknown.

full erectile response can increase the length of the nipple than did not stimulate the increase, generally increased by 0. 5-1. 0 cm, the reaction can also increase the diameter of the nipple base by 0. 25-0. 5 cm.

usually large and prominent nipple is usually smaller than normal size has a tendency to enlarge the erection. Nipple hours are also very difficult to make a strong response to sexual stimulation, but the nipple is particularly rare in small cases.

The second physiological changes in the

period are the delimitation and expansion of the mammary vein tree pattern. If there is enough volume of the breast, there will be superficial vein congestion, but it is likely to become more clear after the excitement. The larger breasts usually show a clear expansion of the vein tree pattern. Breast vein tree to the center of the expansion congestion usually does not reach the areola.

in the adjacent platform, the actual volume of the breast will be significantly increased, which is the result of deep venous congestion in the breast. Women in the state of sexual reaction in the erection of the reaction occurs, the lower part of the breast is more likely to be observed, if the woman to take a supine position, the overall increase in the volume of the breast will be more obvious. In the excitement of late can be seen obvious hyperemia of areola.

The degree of difference between the

excited phase response performance and the time of occurrence of large, often people from time to time. Close to the nipple areola erection in the platform will be enlarged, it often makes people an illusion, as if the erection of the nipple has been partially subsided. Until after the areola swelling subsided period subsided, people can see again subsided later still maintain the erection of the nipples.

in women before the climax of the climax of the impulse, the size of the breast of the non lactating women can be increased by 1/5-1/4 than usual, lactating women breasts usually do not appear breast body >

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