Psychology city two months initial operation experience sharing

January 2010 – to date, the psychology city (Psyjoy.Com) takes shape,

webmaster learning: in February 2010, psychology city former stationmaster Li Chen appointed me as a new webmaster, and I was trained. At this point, the site opened the real name system, I am following the fear of taking over the job of the webmaster post, and changes in thinking.

site location: in 2009, Psyjoy is the beginning of the year, with more than 20000 registered users, we can foresee a strong potential for development of the site, or is the subject of psychology are getting more and more attention. Many schools opened only psychology courses, or no professional psychology, make good use of the network platform, to understand the knowledge of psychology, applied psychology and psychology knowledge, make people become a trend, a need. This is also the value of Psyjoy. At the same time, many more uneducated people also need psychological education. Psychology can help people live a better life. In 2010, it was the year of Psyjoy transformation. In keeping with the characteristics of psychology dating, the website will be upgraded to Discuz-X program, which includes portal, forum, SNS and a whole body. March to the public and let psychology into the homes of ordinary people!

team building: I made my PPT experience with customer service before and held a number of training sessions. Fan Dan as the focus of training, mainly responsible for customer service, continue to improve the user experience. The editorial office is responsible for leading the discussion of forums, groups, content updates, and hot topics. At the same time, closely linked with the core users of the website, forming two-way cooperation between online and offline.

The construction of

website system: first of all, website real name system, you need to publish this message and the corresponding operation, audit approach to psychology written home forum posts, psychology City diary, also made the corresponding BANNER (advertisement) on the website of a prominent position. In fact, perfect website integration system. Setting up different user group levels and their corresponding rights (such as whether they have the right to create a group) in the background setting according to the upgrade speed of the existing user points. The method of optimizing deduction integral and updating rules of user group. Explain and emphasize the function of website filter words.

promotion: according to the psychology of city target groups needs to develop Baidu know the questions and answers the main portal blog template is established, according to the current news articles published my blog and write on the Post Bar psychology attempts to create the city Baidu encyclopedia, interactive encyclopedia entries to the QQ group invited the advertising psychology postgraduate exchange Links

website Landscaping: (1) increase the user’s own templates; change the navigation bar section; cater to different themes; make BANNER; website background; picture update; group logo picture beautification.

brand building: we should increase the influence of the website, strengthen the resource construction inside the website, produce the reason that lets the member tarry

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