Wang Tong Alibaba B2B is bound to decline

B2B at the end of 2007, Alibaba in the stock market speculation bubble expansion in its business, the largest peak moment, the smart choice to create a stock market listing, Softbank myth, the success of cash, Ma is more beautiful, the government of Hangzhou to engage in a statue of ma let it become true idol. However, nearly half a year, Alibaba shares plummeted, from the highest 41.80 down to the current 9.4, so Ma Yun internal mail called on all Alibaba ready for the winter. This decision is not MA in show, is cool analysis after the choice, because Alibaba website from now on to decline is inevitable, why,


, let’s first analyze how Alibaba makes money,

look: through integrity, membership fees


actually: by selling the concept of B2B,


this view may surprise you, and don’t worry, let’s continue to analyze, you will see,

!The core of

business is marketing,

so from the business nature, the Alibaba and Baidu, Google do the same thing, is to help enterprises do marketing, make money!

they are different:

, Baidu, and Google are in the form of search engine

Alibaba’s form is: B2B business website

but for businesses, no matter what you do, the only thing I can do is to make the money I spend the least,


OK, let’s go back to the Alibaba business,


what’s Alibaba’s home page business,


1, integrity through

2, Chinese supplier

This two

business income, mostly rely on "China supplier" Alibaba currently has nearly 20 thousand China suppliers, how to charge? A about 80 thousand yuan a year, or even more than ten million a year high.

is supplier good in China? Is it cost-effective?


NO good, not worthwhile! In the Alibaba inside the Chinese suppliers pay members, most of them are super uneconomical. Why,


, let’s analyze the flow of Alibaba and see how much of the Alibaba traffic is foreign traffic. Through the analysis of Alexa, the vast majority of Alibaba traffic is China’s traffic, foreign traffic is only a small fraction of the total flow.

Alibaba these English traffic, how come,


you do not believe is Alibaba, there are millions of foreign buyers, these data can be cheating, and very few of these so-called foreign buyers can directly visit mining Alibaba to find China suppliers. Most of them still find it through search engines

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