The adjustment of SEO technique after the recent update of Baidu

first of all, for many new Adsense, the first step to do the station is to learn the experience of ancestors. Domestic webmaster, do SEO basic, mainly for Baidu optimization. The SEO website and the forum, I believe About Baidu SEO posts a lot, probably also the points after all is said and done. However, especially in the months began to do stand for newcomers, estimates will find some plans for the classical SEO technique, seems to be fading light, or even directly or indirectly led to their hard operating station by Baidu punishment. Why is this? The new problems related to people with a big question mark asked the SEO forum, but still did not get a good answer, or still copy and paste that a few of the true saying to cheat you.

as experienced in recent months, Baidu big update and actively find the causes and solutions to the new owners, people here to explain some of the future must understand SEO knowledge and must be improved SEO technique. In the helpless toss around the big SEO forum questions, you can first try here, can you find the answer you need?. As for SEO data every day from the new step by step webmaster, I guarantee that no such article can let the couple some clarity.

is the first to make it clear that several recent Baidu big update adjustment, although some adjustment is too extreme and fierce, but still for purification of search engine, as far as possible to enhance the user search experience, as much as possible to display meaningful content to the search engine users. Please be able to face up to the meaning of SEO.

1., many people will use the third party webmaster tools when they check the website operation status. In this regard, I think it is necessary to explain a few places to the new couple. The first is Baidu weight. A lot of people look at the weight of Baidu is like Google PR, Sogou SR, like, Baidu is a comprehensive rating of the site, although in a sense it is true. The following is a Baidu statement: "Baidu has never provided website weights, information, data, and external enquiry services.". The data from the third party webmaster tools are not Baidu’s official data. It does not represent the actual situation of the site. Baidu is not responsible for the problems caused by the use of such data." In other words, the Third Party Adsense tools Baidu weight, only reference, and not directly with Baidu weight judgment on the site linked. As for the weight of this Baidu is how to calculate it? In fact, the weight of this Baidu directly with the third party webmaster tools Baidu estimated flow is linked. Baidu estimated flow between 1 to 100, Baidu weight is 1, Baidu flow between 100 to 500, Baidu weight is 2, Baidu flow in 500 to 1000 between, Baidu weight is 3, and so on, and so on. Then a lot of people will ask, I in the third party Webmaster Tools inquires to Baidu flow, and my actual flow difference is very big. Third party webmaster tools is how to estimate the flow of Baidu? Mainly third party webmaster tools, according to the query website keywords, and the key words >

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