The experience of a rookie programmer

I was a rookie programmers, is a professional website, the beginning is holding the computer very interested to learn, but learning is very general, in school but also to imitate the style of Programming Forum do do hand their practice…

started working at a software company after graduation. Thank you very much for my experience and my colleagues because they gave me the first chance. Let me learn a lot of things, at that time, just graduated, salary do not think how much, enough to eat enough to spend. Because of a lot of reasons, this year back home here to find a job, wages lower than there, but also enough, I still do the site, to the company maintenance and maintenance site. The economic crisis this year, the company received a shock, wage a month without hair, I once stayed together to maintain, borrow it second months salary a month, was thinking that life is really not the moon, how I thought of myself. Business costs must be quite a lot, and then accidentally went to Admin5, found that a lot of individual owners, looking at everyone’s efforts, I also feel that I can do, and I have thought before they made a website up.

I began to search a good domain name on the Internet, sea music network I think this is okay, I immediately registered not registered, but the CN is registered, and then start planning my site.

is perhaps my professional, I think people are related to the computer search on the Internet the most, so I decided to make a program of information station, of course, although there are a lot of the success of this type of website, but can also have their own style. I imitate the style of Admin5, there are several other website style, and then combine, style written by myself, so very cottage. Then I will not plan column, when he decided to do with DIV+CSS style, I was thinking about the side while doing exercise yourself, program is written in hibernate+struts, since the time to do something because time is tight if we can’t learn to do, now do not busy, so there is a chance to do so.

is very slow, then I look at some promotion information, I think the website can go up first and then do it slowly.. So I basically browse information well I decided to buy space, buy space not much money, so I can only buy a cheap, who know to buy after the service attitude is not good, then some angry, but later the website up, pretty good. The speed is OK, but sometimes it’s not stable..

I learned to promote, in Admin5 above often take a look at these methods, I also in each major website blog above my hair connection. These days I kicked ah, updated information, Google update is pretty fast, I also made a site map on Google, want to do it on Baidu, I sent a AD> on Baidu

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