What can do to save you from my customers on the road to entrepreneurship

what to take to save you, I walk in the way business customers! This time contact two is beginning to business customers, all talked about network promotion, SEO optimization, they all know the network platform advertising is the highest price advertising. Because it is the most cost-effective advertising platform, many entrepreneurs will blind investment, looking for relevant network promotion or SEO personnel to cooperate. Now that there is cooperation, a series of problems arise, and some even get out of hand……

one, network promotion and SEO common sense when can popularize?


SEO said, the main keywords customers demand that the industry, you help me do the first page, the rest is waiting for you to optimize the transaction costs, but many times there is no benefit to the final ranking, hard SEO workers make up rankings with customers no deal, to stop cooperation and cast to the wind the customer started investment confidence; network marketing has attracted a lot of frustration. In fact, every industry is the same, the main keywords can give you a lot of traffic, but the long tail words can bring you target customers. Every SEO people know that a new ranking, want to start returns must from difficult words or long tail words to start, then around the main keywords to carry out optimization work, not only in the end as breath keywords, see benefit consequence is that the two sides have agreed to stop cooperation efforts. Everyone knows that fat is a mouthful. Entrepreneurs on the road to entrepreneurship, you need to remember, ranking is floating clouds, the deal is king!!!


two, enterprise web site, if positioned


network marketing is the primary condition for you to own a website, a representative of the image of your company’s website, a website can create benefits for you, rather than you spend hundreds or even thousands of domain name space costs to keep it in the end, the web site is to do for myself. Now there are many templates on the network, a template down, you only need one thousand or even hundreds of sites you can do. Are you using the template, then I used in him, about a month of technical personnel of a network company hired a professional website programming wage is six thousand or seven thousand to ten thousand or so, how could a website on the one thousand or even hundreds? There’s things worth pondering. An immutable truth the price is proportional to the effect.

three, enterprise station should be made,


a lot of people just get started completely in accordance with their own ideas and opinions to do, such as the website into a complete animation website or website pictures than text, even online consultation entrance are not, the boss looked at this website is very good, the animation design is very personality, feel very good. Often it’s your sense of self that keeps many target customers out. When a customer doesn’t really know your website, you need to understand that a website is the first impression an enterprise gives to its customers. >

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