see FLASH.CN in the domain of the FLASH China development opinion

The origin of

FLASH was formerly known as FutureSplash, when the two largest users of FutureSplash were Microsoft and Disney. In November 1996, FutureSplash officially sold to MM (Macromedia.com), renamed FLASH1.0 (also known as Flash2.0 on the Internet), and that’s how it all started.

from 2 to 5 to MX2004, through 8 until today’s CS4, FLASH, 13 years before and after the process.

from the initial user base of FLASH to the world’s largest software developer, Microsoft (Microsoft), we should be aware of its significance, value and status. In fact, FLASH from there to today, has been in progress, increasingly powerful, network era today, even a "worldly" Internet users are more or less understanding of FLASH, we have to admit that it is indeed a powerful software tool, from the animation and special effects to AD, the plane to three-dimensional, it is eating a piece of cake

CG era!The title

FLASH.CN, the intention is to want to talk about some ideas on the future development of FLASH in the Chinese.

China is a populous country. After the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy has developed rapidly. For many countries in the world, it has gradually become a big commercial country, and has become the international enterprise’s direction and landing target. So, the near future, commercial development will be China visual changes change rapidly! It is not difficult to see that advertising into any one of Chinese international enterprises, is a necessary and important means, which brought by the chain industry and related industries also will shine, one of them, then advertising design. Graphic design is important in the advertisement design, this FLASH is difficult to replace the PS position, but in the animation, CG design of this block, FLASH is already quite mature, every day through FLASH advertising must not be less than PHOTOSHOP. I believe more than one person thinks so.

although the current domestic FLASH industry recession, rather than foreign designers, our senior talent really is also stretched; but I firmly believe that the near future will be the domestic designer FLASH fish poured out, because we are already a talented big country, the talent from all walks of life made at home and abroad do not need to repeat the contribution.

The reason why

FLASH lacks talent in current China is the reason why I want to be the first to bear the brunt of China’s Internet era. Back in 10 years, at least half of the 7080s generation, the understanding of the network is still talking about QQ, and only know QQ, here I see, not some blind elements of the "Chinese reaction."

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