The importance of site navigation station

some people say, as China’s Internet users improve network technology, site navigation station has no survival necessary. Is that so,


I think the site navigation station as an important internet tool will not only disappear, but will grow stronger and stronger. Nowadays, more and more information can be found on the Internet, and people are becoming more and more dependent on the internet. The popularity of search engines such as Baidu and Google has been a case in point over the past few years. However, the vast network of such as the sea, the light search engine to find the target is obviously not enough, because search engines are not omnipotent. Therefore, as a supplement to the search engine, web site navigation will still be an indispensable partner on the internet.

of course, with the differentiation of the nature of Internet users and the purpose of surfing the Internet, the big and all site navigation stations like hao123 are being abandoned by Internet users. Professional web site navigation stations are becoming more and more popular. Such as specifically included in the major web site navigation platform website (

website must be profitable if it wants to survive and develop. Comparatively speaking, the profit model of the website navigation station is relatively single: it is the PPC, the limited picture and the text advertisement. Because of the targeted nature of the classified Web site navigation station, its bidding ranking effect is much better than that of the large and full site navigation station. Then, with PPC, classification of navigation station to be able to beat Baidu and Google PPC? The answer is yes, because the former is a low fee, two is the former position, "scarcity", so spend the same money, the chain of this site received promotion better than in Baidu and Google.

someone looked down on the website and thought it was too simple. In fact, the simpler things are, the more difficult it is to operate. In chain stores, for example, there are only forty or fifty valid pages. So few pages, even if all of the major search engines included, bring traffic is limited. So, website promotion is very difficult. I believe that a friend who has been a website should know what I mean. Therefore, if you want your website to be widely known, you need to find a new way. According to the experience in the next, the site navigation station in order to achieve good promotion effect, we must do a few three points:

1, clear positioning. Chain stores are positioned high end, and their slogan is "only service for some people"". The number of "some people" is also considerable.

two, ease of use. Because the website size is small, so web designers should strive for perfection, and strive to improve the function of the site, so that the site more convenient and practical.

three, the profit is very important, but not anything. Some site navigation station as long as the money received, regardless of the consequence, what kind of website are included, this kind of behavior absolutely no good eggs. The practice of chain stores is worth using for reference: they only include franchise websites, but they don’t charge for other types of websites, no matter how much money they pay. The strict registration mechanism ensures the impartiality and concentration of the website and also gets the net

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