How to find inspiration for original articles

as a webmaster, writing original is every webmaster must be skills, such as I, the original is out of your own hands, the article with your own personality, style of all aspects of things. But for a long time, it will inevitably encounter the dilemma of "jianglangcaijin". To maintain a writing original thoughts, in fact, is able to develop from personal habits, and I summed up a few points, and I hope to help you:

1, take a look at other people’s article is how to write, compare with yourself, those places are suitable for their own, can learn from the place.

2 usually read books, magazines, newspapers and advertisements regularly. Books are very comprehensive articles. The articles in the books are usually longer, the contents are cohesive, and the articles are coherent. It can be very helpful for writing articles that are continuous. Magazines are usually in the middle, neither as long as books, nor as short as advertising, but highly descriptive and able to give a proper description of what to describe in the right place. Newspapers have a strong expression, especially in the headlines of newspapers. They are very attractive. Usually, reading the headlines of a newspaper will make the reader unconsciously read the whole article. Advertisements, articles in advertisements are usually very incisive, the words are in place, and they can express the strongest meaning with the least words.

3, when you see a good article, you might as well collect it.

4, when you see a good sentence in the article, you might as well collect it as your writing quotation.

5, take a small book with you and write it down when you have it. Don’t let the inspiration slip away.

6, take a look at what you’ve written before, and if your thoughts were the same as you are now.

7, don’t you have lost things written, even graffiti, was possible for you is waste, after may become your treasure.

8, you might as well worship the writers. Although you are not a writer, you can be a writer. They must be different from other writers.

9, occasionally look at those romantic novels, rubbish is also good, do not think that this advice is wasting your time, I personally experienced, when you read, you will find that in fact they write a lot better than from others, occasionally look confident.

10, go to the writing forum to stroll, know how popular writing technique now.

11, communicate with others about your writing experience, and you will have different results.

12, really can not think of it, listen to the song, in fact, the lyrics are also very beautiful.

13, it’s no use for the above 12 points. Stop first, do what you like, or sleep, or…

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