Yonghe King

Chinese fast food brand well-known projects? Yonghe King fast food is one of them. This is a Taiwan flavor of Chinese fast food brand project, where you can enjoy a unique meal of leisure time, exquisite fast food varieties with high quality service, is the best choice for your party dinner.

Yonghe King opened its first restaurant in Shanghai in 1995 and has opened more than 500 restaurants across the country. Development so far, Yonghe King has gradually developed into nearly 40 kinds of products around the clock dining place. In addition to the famous Soybean Milk Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, Yonghe King King King letinous edodes Rice with Stewed Pork, tomato beef noodles and other products have been customers.

Yonghe King join details

"Yonghe" is the names of Taiwan, with delicious Soybean Milk and Yonghe King is one of the well-known, far and near, Yonghe brand the earliest to enter the mainland, Yonghe King and Yonghe of other brands of non same brand, no association.

join process


company based on the applicant’s application experience, business experience and financial situation investigation, analysis and evaluation of whether the applicant meets the conditions for joining, scientific orientation, to get the application in data analysis, understand the survey of regional market operation status.


comprehensive assessment of the applicant in all aspects of the conditions and qualifications, invite applicants to headquarters to understand the corporate culture, products, and interviews with the relevant details.

signed an agreement to join

decided by the two sides agreed to sign an agreement to establish cooperation between the two sides.

decoration, training, goods equipped with

store renovation program, and the systematic training of employees, and headquarters according to local market information, to provide the best products with the program to distribution.

opening preparation

head office to provide media coverage and promotion plan.

official business

head office to assist the formal business, providing operational guidance, service tracking.

Yonghe King joined the advantages of

from the experience and trends of the world

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