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recent data show that the incidence of breast cancer in China is growing rapidly, increasing at an annual rate of 3%-5%.

bad mood, easy to get breast disease

go out to see a doctor, often hear female friends complain, "the mood is very bad recently, bother me". I always tell them this time, bad mood and breast disease like distant relatives, little attention will be very close. Urban young women are facing intense competition pressure, the spirit of stress in a long period of tension, leading to emotional instability, thereby affecting hormone levels and endocrine conditions, long-term depression is so. While breast diseases, such as breast hyperplasia, breast fibroadenoma, and breast cancer is not only related with these factors, and the recurrence rate is high.

therefore, female friends to learn to adjust the bad mood, and develop a happy and relaxed lifestyle, laugh, talk with people, are a good way to relieve stress. A good family life, interpersonal communication can effectively alleviate the burden on pressure. Usually more outdoor exposure to sunlight, return to nature and good physical and mental health. Meet the unpleasant things, deep breathing, listening to music or talk to someone, can make a bad mood to resolve, avoid in vivo stasis, become cause breast disease worries.

single disadvantage breast health

statistics show that the risk of single female breast cancer was 2 times married, and the firstborn of DINK fertility in over 30 years of age and other unfavorable factors will also affect the breast health.

first, the harmonious sex life can regulate endocrine, stimulate progesterone secretion, increase the intensity of breast protection and repair efforts. Of course, sex can also stimulate the secretion of estrogen, but pregnancy hormone control, there will be no breast hyperplasia. In addition, orgasm stimulation can accelerate blood circulation, to avoid the occurrence of poor blood circulation due to poor blood circulation. Child health is also beneficial to the breast, women insist on breastfeeding after delivery, can maintain the patency of the breast. If you have little or no breast-feeding, it is easy to cause breast milk, thereby increasing the risk of breast cancer.

so, suggest that older female friends, or to end the single life. After marriage, do not delay the time of birth, as soon as possible to give birth to the baby and breastfeeding, and even get along with their children, common growth can promote women’s mental health, and thus have a health impact on the breast.

protect the breast eat high-fat food

high fat diet can change the body’s endocrine environment, strengthen or extend the stimulation of estrogen on breast epithelial cells, thus increasing the risk of breast disease. In addition, high fat diet is likely to lead to obesity, and obesity is closely related to breast cancer, obesity, breast cancer and other cancer incidence is 3.45 times higher than non obese. Excessive accumulation of fat, estrogen generate increased excess estrogen is fat after storage in adipose tissue, and continuously released into the blood, will produce stimulation of breast tissue in the course of time, easy to cause breast disease.

therefore, to stay away from breast disease, it is necessary to follow the "low"

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