Tencent joint creation of public space and SOHO joint venture dream platform

2015 years, we are talking about entrepreneurship. At present, the Internet giants have begun to get involved in the field of business incubation, Tencent create a public space to join hands with SOHO3Q to build entrepreneurial platform to help entrepreneurs to play a strategic cooperation model aggregation force.

"cooperation with the Tencent public record space to subvert the old idea of me". In December 22nd, SOHO Chinese chairman Pan Shiyi attended the Tencent multi-creation space · 3Q  Open  Day during the event, talked about cooperation with Tencent SOHO China on SOHO3Q, he self quipped: do business with the purpose of making money, but a space cooperation with Tencent all has "broken ring", "Tencent public record space do not make money, the government does not make money, I also feel shy to make money"; to provide a communication platform for entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, let all the resources play polymerization force on this platform, "when entrepreneurs make the world better, I do not make money it should be".

SOHO Chinese president Yan Yan also together with site users reviews the development footprint of SOHO Chinese, she also said that from the traditional real estate business transformation in the Internet, the process of pain is accompanied by the joy of rebirth.

SOHO Pan Shiyi, chairman of the Chinese people’s Republic of China and the introduction of public space cooperation in the original intention of the said, hoping to learn from young people, so willing to create a public recommendation and Tencent

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