What is the best place to sell at night

is now in the spring, but the weather is still very cold. So for a lot of people put the stall, put out the stall at night is really very hard. However, in order to make money, in order to survive, you must eat bitter ah. It is the so-called bitter to eat bitter, side for the people. To overcome the difficulties, adhere to the strong in Chutan, a few. Therefore, although the winter cold, but as long as the hard work, I believe that the return is certainly greater than the summer. Friends, refueling oh. Here are some of my views on the winter stall, for your reference. Welcome to discuss the message.


thermal underwear

winter we all have to wear underwear, so long as many people, certainly good sales. Sell warm summer clothes with underwear, thermal underwear is a good package, only need to take a set of samples to come out and do it, not all can be removed the bag like summer clothes hanging up as well.

two, socks, gloves, warm water bag, palm warm, scarf, hat, cotton insoles, cotton slippers, baby warm warm paste

winter potato must sell well in winter than in summer, because the hungry will feel very cold, buy a sweet potato eat can full belly and warm, you must love.

winter put stall in what is best? The answer is not sure, but put a good selling products will generally have some conditions, such as:

A, new products, market space


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