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above is a few steps of breast health care method, can be a day, each time 5 minutes. Massage should take posture, also can be in before the massage hand painted in lotion, massage will become more smooth in Zhongshun but also maintenance of chest skin oh!

shows how important breast care. In order to avoid being entangled in breast cancer, in addition to correcting bad habits and diet, but also through massage to prevent.

breast care

The fourth step:

third step: a hand placed in the sternum position, the direction of the armpit spiral massage

sixth step: with the thumb and index finger to rub the contralateral breast lumps, no lumps, knead the breast, the direction from the inside of the breast to the armpit.

: hand hold the armpit, another hand outside the breast, gently with the palm upward.

The fifth step:

with four finger tapping to the contralateral breast, areola ring as the center, knock 5 times.

second steps: two hand tight breast, from the inside out massage.

second step: with the index finger and middle finger tight chest clip from the nipple, and homeopathy gently pull out, pay attention to the strength of not too big oh.

: a hand from the breast and axillary direction to hold the following homeopathic gently rubbed the areola, the other hand gently squeeze the living.

The first step of

breast is a symbol of women’s sexy, but it is also a symbol of the distinction between men and women. Now more and more women in the workplace, daily work, often ignore the health of the breast. Most people are afraid of breast disease than breast cancer, so it is also promoted as the first female malignant tumor. In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer in China has gradually increased, the data in 2015 showed that the incidence of breast cancer in urban population was 52/10 million, in rural areas was 42/10 million, of which the youngest patient was only 22 years old.

hand to hold the breast, the other hand from the bottom up lightly on the breast.

nipple care

the third step: with the index finger and middle finger close to the chest clip from the nipple, a little bit of the finger gently tight and tight, into a circular arc rotation.

The first step of

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