The three secrets of fast food restaurants

ten years ago to mention fast food, I believe you may think of KFC, McDonald’s western fast food brands, and now when it comes to fast food, the minds of the flash of the brand is numerous. In just a few years, Chinese fast food swept the country, becoming a dark horse in the food and beverage industry, entrepreneurs have become concerned about the choice to make money. Here are the three secrets to make money fast food restaurants, together under the discussion!

secret 1, two numbers need to keep in mind

, according to industry sources, the shop need to have two numbers to remember, is a fast food restaurant, street area less than 120 square meters, because the main reception hall to eat fast-food business, if the area is too small can not satisfy customer demand, it was estimated that over 120 square meters from the kitchen area, the shop area of about 90 square place the table for 4 meters, you can place up to 18 – 20, can accommodate up to 80 people dining at the same time, it can guarantee the biggest profit, the area is too small, the dining rate is low, the area is too large (more than 150 square meters), traffic can only about 10% increase, but the cost of rent will increase nearly 30%, is not worthwhile;

is two, the shop rents can not exceed the total cost of the 20% store operations, because under normal conditions, food costs accounted for 40% of the total cost, this can not be regulated, personnel costs no more than 15%, now more and more high labor costs, can control the proportion has been very difficult, if the rent is too high, investors will devour you know, fast-food profits, gross profit rate is only 25%, net profit rate of up to 20%, which is more than 20% of the cost of rental store, the store is basically not profitable.

secret 2, guest single time can not be more than 40 minutes

fast food restaurants in order to make a profit, the biggest guarantee is to turn the table rate is high, otherwise it is difficult for investors to make money. In general, the guest single time, that is, from the guests order, to the guests after dinner time should not exceed 40 minutes. Shanghai fast food Godfather Hu Wenjun statistics, every time more than 10 minutes this time, which means that fast food restaurants to reduce the income of 10%, if the peak during the meal, this figure is quite scary.

general in order to ensure that this time, in addition to ordering food standardization, also must pay attention to two points: one is that a comfortable chair can not store decoration, if the store has a very comfortable chair, sitting comfortably on the customer, "Lai" does not go in the store, influence over Taiwan, if not very comfortable, most customers will leave immediately after dinner, not to stay, this is why McDonald’s and KFC have few sofa reasons; two, only carbonated beverages (beer), this type of food before some of the draft said, because the soda is easy to satiety, can shorten the customer meal time.

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