After 80 female graduate students to build a bike station to take the characteristics of entrepreneu

cycling enthusiasts are more and more, some for fitness, some in order to lose weight, some in order to experience life, have to say, the idea cycling inn is wonderful, but the idea is by a 80 female graduate students to come out, and she also made no small achievements in entrepreneurship.

spring, blooming Bougainvillea Paman the entrance of the iron fence in front of the blue wall of the villa is more beautiful. Hanging on the fence on a bike and a wooden sign to remind passers-by, here is the home of the rider.

"now so good, now here is just like a" haunted house "." Hou Shuyuan smiled mischievously. She opened the computer in the photo, the reporter saw here was a half a villa, even the doors are not enough, there is one high weeds will house surrounded by building garbage all over the floor.

change began with a ride.


"guy, I rent a bike." So far, she still clearly remember a beautiful bike rental shop in Haikou, a bike rental shop scene, when the bike shop owner called Chen Qicheng, when everyone called him "bugs"".

native "bug" is Hainan Wanning people, is very familiar with the line, constantly in the process of riding about her, and she together to enjoy the scenery, taste the delicacy.

the ride, Hou Shuyuan was deeply in love with "bugs", two men riding friends become lovers, then become husband and wife.

"bugs", as we build a station! "After the first ride, she opened the inn told" bug". It turned out that in the riding process, she found fewer riding, plus no place to rest, resulting in the ride is not very satisfactory. And she feels the same, there are many riding friends.

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