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3: seize the conditioning menstrual period in the menstrual period, affect the chest fullness of ovarian estrogen secretion is 24 hours equivalent, we can massage the breast at this time, can also do chest movement, increase to stimulate breast fat thickness, with the effect of Dafeng chest.

has a proud chest is every woman’s dream, just like the actress in the entertainment industry, because the show business line and more confident. If you want to have a sexy figure, get rid of the fate of the airport.

5 don’t get used to sleeping. For a long time lying on the bed, it will squeeze the breast tissue, making the breast aging, shape change, not conducive to the development of breast.

2: wearing the right bra when choosing a bra, to choose according to their own breast size under the Wai Wai and bar, at the same time should choose cloth should be relatively soft, breathable bra. We should pay attention to change in the summer, to ensure the health of the chest. In addition, the bra is able to mold the cool lines of mushrooms, but not all day wear. According to the survey, wearing a bra should not be more than 20 hours a day. Long term wear bar do not let the rest of the chest is more likely to suffer from breast diseases.

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4 Chinese medicine has been that any can be used to eat conditioning, breast enhancement is no exception. We can try to drink yogurt, reduce the intake of meat, yogurt can prevent constipation and the accumulation of toxins excreted in the body, but also contains a lot of protein, a lot of effect on the health of the chest. We also want to eat more beans, because beans in the growth process of the seeds of the outer membrane contains a material to promote the development of glandular growth, contribute to the growth of the chest.

1 bath breast: when taking a bath every day, the mushroom cool can use alternating hot and cold water wash breast, the best from the bottom to wash, do not promote breast blood circulation, but also can prevent breast sagging, increase the flexibility of the breast.

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