The reasons for the success of entrepreneurship

to learn from the successful cases, can help us progress. Here, I made a small series of 80 after the success of the case, and carried out an analysis, hoping to be entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who intend to help!

80 entrepreneurial success case

1985 years of the birth of Mao, as early as the time of the third year on the use of spare time to open a shop, the product is mainly located in the sweet line of youth fashion dress. At the time of graduation, Maomao shop can receive about 20 orders every day, two years has accumulated a lot of old customers".

Plush shop that involves many aspects, but the core competitiveness is the product itself. With the gradual standardization and commercialization of the industry, if the product itself style, quality and other conditions are perfect, you do not have to worry about selling. Mao told reporters, in order to make their products more valuable, 80% of the products are specialty goods, is designed to produce a template by the manufacturer.

axue in Shenzhen is a successful online sellers. Axue is open shop in 2006, the founder of the online shop – "golden clothes Fairy" at present in the Taobao online trading volume of nearly seventy thousand, from degree 99.61%. Axue believes that the product is the most important, most of people’s business shop is to "smell sensitive".

transformation can timely grasp the business opportunities of pulse

"three crown" axue in undergraduate reading is Chinese teachers, in 1997 after graduating from the Foshan South China Sea as a middle school Chinese teacher. 2001, transferred to Guangzhou in the magazine issue. Husband Yong Qian was in the same city to invest in the operation of a children’s studio. Two years

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