Northeast Forestry University launched nanny style entrepreneurial dream free ride

innovation and entrepreneurship need is talent, the need is to innovate technology resources, entrepreneurship is the need for entrepreneurial team, people pick up firewood flame high. Therefore, the Northeast Forestry University hired an experienced tutor to help more students start their own business, the dream of free ride.

  in order to make students entrepreneurial dreams freely, in recent years, Northeast Forestry University launched the "nanny" service, hired director of Venture Park experienced entrepreneurs as mentors, explain the relevant policies, to help enterprises registered, assist with loans, looking for investment institutions…… To form a chain of innovation and Entrepreneurship from the theory of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and Entrepreneurship Program to the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship, until the final entity entrepreneurship.

guy became "Fox"

now, the number of Xu Maosi fox has reached more than 1000 breeding. His farms from Harbin to a hundred square meters of the old factory moved to Binxian village north, built a thousand square meters of breeding base. Xu Maosi hope that through their own efforts, the establishment of fur farming cooperatives, led by the north village villagers together to get rich.

please "people" to help

"use robots to replace human risk and repeated work is the future trend of development. I want people to get out of the hard work, open the robot era." In this way, the people of Hainan Wu Peng their entrepreneurial dreams in order to stay in the Northland ice city of Harbin.

2012, Wu Peng, who was a junior at Northeast Forestry University, invented a robot that automatically fed animals and successfully applied for a patent. It was also at that time, the school helped him set up a team with vehicle engineering, automation, financial management, management and other professional background of the team.

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