The first people great harm to health network

The clinical findings of groundless talk?

first to make abortion women, due to red cell antigen RH of uterine damage in the fetus in the uterus, injury into the mother.

stream of people disrupted the original endocrine state, interfere with the normal pregnancy process, can cause endocrine disorders and menstrual disorders. Stream of people is a trauma, can lead to poor uterine contraction, resulting in postoperative bleeding and anemia.

in particular is completely implanted placenta, placenta adhesion is not easy to peel, large amount of bleeding, the need for immediate hysterectomy, to save the patient’s life. Forced abortion interruption.

induced abortion by bacteria of the vagina, such as instrument disinfection is not strict, private operation room poor conditions, postoperative health, will increase the chance of bacterial infection, cause endometritis and cervicitis. Such as the original reproductive system inflammation, can also cause inflammation, disease. Such women can often low back pain, abdominal pain, leucorrhea increased.

experienced a mature woman marriage also often have accidents, abortion or drug abortion or not, for it is a an accident has been a youth of them, if there is no satisfactory and reasonable care after such a catastrophe, how they face the future

abortion is a woman does not want to face things, but often have to face the reality, almost every woman will have at least one abortion experience during the childbearing age. Since you have to do, you should better protect themselves, because it is after all the harm to your body.

this situation occurs, it will cause the mother to produce antibodies against the husband Rh blood type. It can be pregnant again after the woman enter the fetus through the placenta, and fetal red cells to agglutination and dissolved, once this happens, not only can cause miscarriage, preterm birth in pregnant women, but also can lead to fetal illness, disability, or death.

some young female short gestation time, uterine inclination through, can cause incomplete abortion, can cause postoperative bleeding; as for curettage hemostasis, can also lead to the adhesion of uterine wall wound healing. People such as cause uterus damage, uterine thinning, day after pregnancy, the placenta blood circulation disorder, placental insufficiency, placenta adhesion, will not only lead to hemorrhagic shock, can cause neonatal death and stillbirth.

because of the failure of contraception or pregnancy due to interruption of pregnancy should not be due to a variety of diseases can be artificial abortion. However, in the following circumstances, it is not appropriate for abortion.

, first as a stream of people operation, can make her risk after the occurrence of recurrent abortion, premature birth, bleeding, sickly baby. Clinical also found, first as a stream of people operation, after many people took a serious disease of women, breast disease, and even cancer.

with the development of modern medicine, all aspects of treatment are very focused on improving people’s lives and the quality of life, and we should take care of ourselves, to protect themselves

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