How to find a good business opportunities

new year is about to begin, many people may be true this time for their own good project in mind constantly looking for, since the next year to start, can make a good start, to create a new life, but the key is how to find good business opportunities.?

At the beginning of the new year

, is everybody ready for entrepreneurship. But before that, all you have to do is find a good idea. "You need to find entrepreneurial ideas that can be successful," says Stephen ·. He is headquartered in Nevada Glen Brook inventright.com, co-founder of "startups and entrepreneurs with a simple idea: chasing the dream, to create a profitable company" (McGraw-Hill,   2012) author.

1, ask yourself, what’s next?

2, starting from the problems that bother you

When the

3, looking for new market segments

your idea doesn’t have to be subversion >

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