nternational Symposium on entrepreneurship and innovation

China’s development is inseparable from the development of the world. Last month, Shantou University and the Israel Institute of technology jointly organized the International Symposium on entrepreneurship and innovation, to explore innovative academic research and how to promote the development of entrepreneurship.

cooperation by the Shantou University and the Israel Institute of technology, sponsored by the Shantou University Business School hosted "Shantou entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference in & Israel", from December 18th to 20, successfully held in Shantou University academic exchange center.

18 on the evening, the seminar held the opening ceremony, the guests have delivered a speech on the seminar and future cooperation between the two sides have high hopes. In the course of the topic discussion, the scholars began to have a lively discussion on the spot, and gave suggestions for each research project. The conference will promote the progress of the research on the innovation of Chaoshan and Israel entrepreneurship, and hope that it will play an important role in promoting social civilization and regional economic development in the future.


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