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long-term side of the sleeping position will increase the female breast asymmetry, in addition, the asymmetry of the body’s activity will affect the blood circulation of the breast. However, gynecological experts pointed out that this phenomenon does not have to worry too much, with the correction of bad habits, or after repeated positive stimulation, the breast will gradually restore symmetry. The above content only authorized the exclusive use of 39 Health Network, not authorized by the copyright is not reproduced.

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a woman’s breast is actually very fragile, a passionate sex is easy to make it hurt. American sex experts have pointed out that, in sexual life, if the behavior of men even violent, not only will make women feel uncomfortable, but also weaken the degree of sexual excitement. And a long time of oppression, may also affect the blood circulation of the breast. So, men who fall into the passion, remember to protect the breast during sex.

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Yan MawelonIndications:

rough sex life

pick inappropriate underwear


experts said, chocolate, ice cream and other high calorie food, not only make people fat, but also harm the breast, causing breast lipoma, and even breast cancer, the incidence of 30-50 years of age in the majority.

smoking and drinking

high calorie food


nothing is more harmful to women than nicotine and alcohol! If women often find pleasure in cigarettes and alcohol, they should be alert to the occurrence of breast cancer. There is information that the probability of smoking history more than 10 years of female breast cancer is 3 times more than other women; daily drinking 1 cup or 1 or more, the risk of breast cancer is increased by more than 45% little drinkers.

statistics show that breast disease induced by artificial abortion accounted for about 40%. Experts said that abortion is forced to interrupt a physiological change process of pregnancy when women’s hormone level plummet, the beginning was breast development, shortness of interruption, resulting in breast restoration is not complete, easy to induce breast lobular hyperplasia. The hormonal component of individual contraceptives can also cause this problem.

abortion, abuse of contraceptives

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hollow pattern underwear embellishment will undoubtedly make women "stunning", however, lace or nylon material too much easy to cause skin allergies, fine thread off even into the nipple, causing dysgalactia or mastitis. Similarly, underwear like to breast "torture", in the course of time, will cause poor blood circulation of the breast pain and oppression, and even lead to breast hyperplasia disease.

working pressure is easy for women endocrine disorders, and around the breast around the lymphatic tissue, contemporary Xie imbalance, will lead to accumulation of toxins, leading to breast disease.

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