Nail shop is to open a good shop or their own good

although many people have decided to shop business, however, in the end is to choose to join such a road, or choose their own shop, but has become a problem plagued countless operators. So, open a nail shop is to join or set up their own good? Let me see small series of.

many nail shop operators want to have such a confusion: in the end is their own shop, or to join the nail brand good? What is the difference between the two? Which brand is better? If you have such confusion, you can look at the following analysis, there may be an answer.

a cost comparison

nail shop opened the cost of several major blocks: store rent, nail division wages, the purchase of equipment, shop decoration costs. If you choose to join the nail brand, there will be a franchise fee. Such a comparison, it seems to join the cost of their own shop than the cost to be high, but to join the nail brand, then, before the nail shop opened, the headquarters will be sent to assist the general mentor down. There are professional nail mentor to help you do market research, find a shop, recruitment and training of nail division, you go wrong road, spend the money will be less wronged.

two, product technology comparison

Manicure brand Ling Lang everywhere, operators often choose to purchase wholesale market, so the price will be cheaper. But first you must not go well to choose suitable products, if you buy fake products, for their economic losses caused by more than, if the problem is liability for guest use or to take.

joined the nail brand also want to choose a good reputation reputation, after joining them will require the use of headquarters to provide products to ensure quality. Come to talk about technology, choose to open their own shops Manicure owners to worry about a little, because now the good Manicure division is difficult to recruit some Manicure, just learning not long but also their own supervision and training, costly and time-consuming. Choose to join the nail brand, the headquarters will help you free training division.

three, management marketing comparison

big nail join the brand will have their own marketing strategy, after joining the opening mentor will go to the nail shop for market research, to help the owner to develop product service prices, marketing methods. Opened after a period of time, headquarters will regularly send inspection Manicure shop store operations supervisor, provide Manicure store management, new marketing methods, and improve the Manicure store operating income. If it is to open their own nail shop, then encountered poor management, performance decline, it can only find their own way.

in the end you will choose which way to open a shop, in fact, the idea is still with you to get personal, and the above is just a small series

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