Western food dessert etiquette

At the end of the meal is

Western-style food dessert embellishment was called complete Western-style food, and dessert variety often eat sweets pudding, mousse, jelly, fruit etc..

pudding with eggs, milk, candy and a variety of fruits, dried fruit evenly baked. Such as: Kesi have pudding, raisin pudding.


class is a kind of Jiamusi making delicate ingredients in the mold made of food, many traditional dairy products, meat products, and fish development. Such as: pineapple, strawberry mousse Mousse cream.

jelly, such as cocoa jelly.

other classes, such as: chocolate Fuli su.


Western-style food to eat, if you eat dessert, there is no what etiquette is worth noting? Do not underestimate a little dessert to eat up, there are still a lot of etiquette, following a study small finishing on Western-style food dessert eating etiquette, for your reference.

1. ice cream

eat ice cream generally use a spoon. When eating with a cake or pie or as part of a meal, use a dessert fork and a dessert spoon

2. pie

usually use forks to eat fruit pies. But if the owner provides you with a fork and a dessert spoon, then use a fork to fix the pie, digging with a spoon to eat. Use a fork to eat a pie, unless the pie is ice cream, in this case, fork, spoon to use. If you’re eating a cream pie, you’d better use a fork instead of a hand. To prevent the stuffing from leaking from the other end.



if the food can be used as a meat fork, if it is for dessert, use a spoon.

4. stewed fruit

use a spoon to eat stewed fruit, but you can use a fork to hold the fruit. The core of Mei Gan, Li Pu cherry, face to spit into the spoon and put in the tray.

5. boiled pear

use spoon and fork. With the fixed vertical fork spoon pear, pear dug convenient edible pieces.

fork can also be used to rotate the pear, so as to dig the pear meat. If there is only a spoon, hand rotating plate, the pear in the dish, with a spoon to scoop out the juice.

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