Lactating breast massage health network how to do

first step

the two hands like a shape, the five fingers slightly apart, make their way over the breast. With this action needs while maintaining a slightly bent, after two hands covering the breast from the bottom of the breast (note is lower than breast oh) make pulling action to nipple direction. Do this 20 times.

fourth step

breast massage breast how to do? Through the above you must have mastered the method of massage on the chest, adhere to massage can play a good role in promoting milk secretion, promote breast fitness effect.

two hands around the breast to do circular massage, massage can be applied to the chest on the oil has been absorbed by the breast so far. In accordance with the above methods adhere to massage, not only can promote the secretion of milk and circulation, but also can be very effective in eliminating the tension of the chest, and can make the skin on the breast becomes very smooth.

the oil painting in the breast, after the thumb on the side, the rest of the four fingers together on the other side, let the tiger’s mouth was slightly open, the breast chest from lateral to the middle of the chest, this action can be very effective in avoiding the chest outside the expansion, to keep the action of each side massage 30 times.

keeps both hands in the same shape, starting with the left chest. The left hand from the outside to the middle part of the left breast breast, breast will be pushed to the center of the chest when, with the right hand from the bottom of the left breast to push up, maintain a certain strength, will be pushed to the clavicle at his breast. Push the left breast. Repeat this 30 times after the change to push the right breast. This is a very important action that allows you to avoid sagging breasts.

the woman is female life event, after the baby needs to actively breast-feeding, breast-feeding baby after female breast may shrink, may also appear drooping, it makes the female breast lost its original charm, so women must think of a way to avoid this situation, need active massage on the breast, here’s a look at how to do breast massage during lactation.

third step

second step

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