2015 Shanghai college entrepreneurship Camp Camp

college students entrepreneurship is a wave of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of a group. In Shanghai, such a highly innovative spirit of the city, to stand in the forefront of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial training camp, to promote the creation of young customers who dream of entrepreneurship.

11 7 afternoon, by the Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology hosted a month long 2015 Shanghai entrepreneurship training camp ended in a small theater of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology students’ development center. The college students’ entrepreneurship training camp to integrate various resources, at different stages and levels of teaching, hiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level theory of business plan writing guidance, leadership training and team activities, provide entrepreneurship education rich and practical experience for students, will ultimately choose outstanding entrepreneurial projects to push the entrepreneurial practice base for hatching. The last class of the training camp is "innovation cohesion power   create achievement dream" and big coffee has about 2015 campus activities.

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