Environmental protection from polluting enterprises began a comprehensive investigation of Sanya lau

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phenomenon of environmental pollution has not a city, but has become a common phenomenon in society, especially in this cold winter, the air was relatively dry, plus the serious pollution of the environment, let a lot of people’s physical discomfort. Recently, to regulate the operation of Sanya dyeing industry, environmental remediation market order, Sanya joint law enforcement departments, to conduct a comprehensive investigation for the dyeing enterprises, many enterprises have been punished according to the law.

12 9 July, Sanya city of Commerce, industry and commerce, environmental protection, health, fire protection, comprehensive law enforcement, tourism, tourist police and Jiyang area, Tianya District relevant departments and joint action, launched a citywide rectification investigation for Sanya dyeing industry, the focus of investigation in business management, commerce department, enterprise registration registration and hotel linen washing hygiene, production wastewater emissions, building fire hazards and other safety issues.

found in the presence of the new washing Co., Ltd. Sanya washing and cleaning workers simply do not work, according to the norms of production and management issues, Sanya City, the industry wide investigation. After investigation, Sanya Lixin washing Ltd. except exposed problems, and Sanya Hongxin washing Co. Ltd., Sanya Phoenix good washing factory and Sanya Wang Yue washing Service Co. Ltd. in three dyeingcleansing enterprises have not registered with the business departments for the record to the administrative department for Industry and commerce to the registration, in violation of "washing and dyeing industry management measures" provisions of article fifth, was ordered rectification requirements and investigation.

, Sanya new washing Co. Ltd., Sanya Hongxin washing Co., the two companies also exist according to the requirements of fire control facilities and safety of export quantity shortage, the evening of December 11th, the Sanya municipal public security fire brigade "according to the provisions of article twenty-second of fire supervision and inspection provisions", to the provisional seizure, investigation. In addition, Sanya Hongxin washing Ltd. sewage exceed the standard after being punished, not in accordance with the Sanya Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau rectification requirements of city sewage pipe transformation, to direct the sewage water, according to the "People’s Republic of China environmental protection law" the provisions of article sixtieth, according to the law shall be ordered to shut down.

although the slogan of environmental protection has long been raised, but in the market with little success! Environmental protection from polluting enterprises, Sanya dyeing enterprises comprehensive investigation! The Sanya Municipal Bureau of Commerce official said, in order to further standardize the management behavior of Sanya dyeing industry, improving the market order, protect the rights and interests of consumers, the Sanya Municipal Bureau of Commerce will continue to increase the dyeing industry investigation efforts, combined with the relevant functional departments to strengthen law enforcement in the city within the scope of the dyeing industry enterprises to carry out special rectification, once found the existence of illegal phenomenon, will immediately according to the relevant laws and regulations, filing penalties. At the same time, Sanya will also introduce rules for washing industry management, to further standardize the market operation, cleaning and dyeing industry environment.

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